About Us

About Morgans

‘With tradition at its heart and dexterity in its fingertips, Morgan’s family business radiates a community recognised dependence worth your time. Established in 1932, ourselves (James and Heather Morgan) created what we can only see as our little legacy. Based in Lancashire, painted in the early hours of dawn, was a vision to provide DIY excellence to the people of Bamber Bridge.


Our store has seen through the summer of 51 and winter of 78 and still stands tall and proud amidst our competitors, as a token of our strength and connection across the decades. With over 50 years of experience under our hardware belts, we’ve decided to take this show on the road. Venturing into the online world, we work harder each day to exceed customer expectation and provide a quality service, to make life easier for you.


We thrive, strive, jump and dive to do what we can, to keep the spark in our business alight. Fashioned around family and moulded around you, we take every opportunity to create a service bespoke to your needs.'